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The Wonders of a Garden Room


Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular up and down the country. It affords people more space to incorporate a room onto their property that they didn't have room for before. It is away from the house, affording privacy and noise reduction (for example if you used it as a cinema). Having a garden studio allows you to have a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern day life. With a garden studio building you can use it for anything. They come with electricity so you could use it as an office if you want. Where I think they really come in their own is for use by artists, musicians, and authors. It means you have a space away from any distractions to really focus on your art.

Artists Den

One of the obvious benefits of using a garden studio as an art studio is the light. These buildings usually have a large portion of one of the walls as glass which means that it lets in a great amount of natural light which will help any artist. If I were an artist I would put up paintings on the walls to inspire me in my creations. You could adorn all the walls with your favourite, most inspiring works and let your imagination run free on the canvas. What's more is because they have electrical points you could bring in a music system and quietly play music that is conducive with you producing your best work.

Music Room

A music room is impractical in a home because of the noise. One, your making noise that disturbs anyone else in the household and two; people can interrupt your concentration by making noise. This is why moving your music room out into the garden studio is very beneficial. It allows you and your musicians to make music in peace. This allows you to experiment and record at will without the fear that someone will make a noise and ruin the recording unless this is what you're going for. Bands like Aerosmith and the Beatles were famous for leaving in the mistakes and interruptions on their albums. For example Aerosmith's 'Nobody's Fault' where you can hear the studio door open and in the Beatles 'Hey Jude' where if you listen very carefully you can here Paul get the wrong chord and then utter an expletive under his breath. See, with your very own recording studio you too could be recreating the magic of bands like this.

Writing Room

Any writer's dream: having a room of one's own in the garden where one can write to one's heart's content and no that there will be no noisy distractions. In your garden studio, haul in your desk, a comfy office chair, and anything you need to write (writers are full of superstitions. There once was a famous author who refused to write unless he had rotting apples in his desk as he liked the smell.) If you bring in your books and set up a library around your desk you'll have the perfect writing environment, surrounded by your favourite texts and tomes.

Get Creating

Obviously not only artists will benefit from a garden studio as they can be turned into anything your mind can dream up. They are brilliant places to relax, work, and exercise in. If you would like to explore the option of having your own studio, check out this website: www.gardenspaces.co.uk, although there are others on the internet. Find the right studio for you and do with it what you will. 


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