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Preparing Your Home For Viewing


There comes a time in every home owner's life when it becomes obvious that it is time to move. The reasons for this could be anything from needing a larger place to call home, to getting that dream job in Paris. The question becomes, how to sell the current home quickly and easily, without creating any fuss? Additionally, is there any way to increase the asking value of the house?

Here are a couple of basic suggestions to follow in getting your home ready for showing.

Organize your home

When someone views the house, it is imperative that every good feature be immediately noticeable. The best way to do this is by making sure the house looks pristine. Get out the duster, and have the children pick up the toys. Make sure nothing is left on the floor, or the tables. The ideal is to have a house totally devoid of evidence that the messes of daily living has every occurred under that roof.

Remove most personal items

When a person views a home, they are trying to imagine it as their home. That is difficult to do when faced with evidence that other people currently do the same. That picture of last year's trip to the coast should be put away. This goes with every part of the home. Try to put away every item that makes the house a home. No pictures should be on the wall. Remove those trinkets from the bookshelves. If at all possible, try to have most of the items already boxed up and shipped to your new address. Bare walls and shelves serve the seller better than clutter.

Update the locks

When showing a home, the Estate Agent will need access to the premises at odd hours. To keep everyone happy, the custom is to provide the shower keys to the house. This key is the first introduction prospective buyers have to the home, and it should be a good one. The more modern the security mechanism, the better.

If your home has antiquated locks, have a certified professional locksmith drop by and upgrade the security system. If you wish to have the home truly stand out, install an electronic monitoring system.

Many a home has been sold from the moment a buyer walked across the threshold, and heard the distinctive beep of a security system acknowledging their presence. This is truly a worthwhile expense for the home seller.

A good locksmith can be found at metrolocks.co.uk. The professionals on this site are guaranteed to be among the most efficient and friendly in the Greater London area.

Improve the lighting

When someone views a home, the lighting can make the difference between a successful sale and having to wait another day to unload the house. Brightly lit rooms that clearly show the house in the best possible manner is key to convincing buyers that the home is worth the asking price.

The best source of light is of the natural variety. Daylight helps create a positive attitude, and that is key when making the sale. When the sun's rays cannot reach a particular room, utilize full spectrum light bulbs to simulate it.

There is only one major exception to this rule, and that is the bedroom. This room is meant to appear cozy and induce feelings of sleepiness. More traditional lighting elements, dimmed a small degree, is more effective in this situation.


Life has a way of swiftly propelling people forward towards new destinations and homes. An old address should not hold someone back, and with the right precautions it will not.

Keep your home in order, and have most of the custom items that turned the house into a home already shipped out. Obtain the best lighting to spur a positive attitude in the potential buyers. Finally, install an upgraded set of locks and an electronic security system. All of these items are relatively easy to do, if the seller takes a few moments in the days leading up to the first showing.

With these simple steps, and with a skilled Estate Agent, the old house will be sold swiftly. Do not allow your life to become stalled due to an old address, charge forward and carpe diem.



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