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How to make your home more saleable


No matter who you are, how amazing your property and where it is located, competition is always rife in the property market. Making sure your property stands out for all the right reasons takes a little more effort than a quick dusting, some pillow plumping and a thorough run around with the vacuum cleaner. To make your property memorable and fundamentally, saleable, you need to think cohesively about interior design, fix niggling problems and basically make your property 'good as new'. Here are some tips on how to get there. 


Start out and work in

Examine the exterior of your property with a fine-toothed comb. Replace loose or missing roof tiles and fix any broken guttering. You may need to repaint the exterior of your home, or if you live in a built up area you might need to investigate professional-standard cleaning. Years of pollution can cover your home in a grey layer of grime that you would struggle to remove yourself. 


How's your garden?

Cut down any leaning trees that could pose a threat to the property. Tidy up bushes, hedgerows and boundary fences. Make sure side gates and security measures are functioning properly. Don't let your garden become a wasted space. Plant a few flowers, mow the lawn, maybe even install a patio or decking if you are selling to a family market. If you're marketing your home to young professionals, consider ditching the lawn altogether and turning an area into a courtyard garden for outdoor entertaining. 


  Spend a little to get a lot

New flooring is a big selling point. Nobody likes replacing carpet or wooden floorboards as soon as they move in. 

Fresh paint obviously works wonders, but keep colours neutral and light. This creates the feeling of space and it's also easy for potential buyers to change. Make sure the decoration in your house flows. Painting each room a different colour never scores any points. 

Replace broken or cracked tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and give everywhere a good clean, especially the oven and white goods. 


Make it pretty

Purchase items such as paintings, vases, lamps, photo frames etc and use this to 'colour' and add character to your home. Rugs, curtains and blinds are vital; you need to dress the windows to make the property feel warm and welcoming. 

Investing in new items of furniture and accessories for your home may sound extravagant but it will speed up the selling process. Remember to get adequate insurance for all these extra items though. Home insurance from Legal and General gives you plenty of flexibility as it offers two level of insurance to fit your budget and personal preferences. 








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