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For Sale Boards, house for sale boards, what for sale boards are made from, sizes, laws and regulations for displaying for sale boards and suppliers for FOR SALE BOARDS with price comparisons for your information can be found on this page.


For Sale Boards are an essential part of your marketing when selling your house.  The most cost effective tool to reach your local market and sell your property fast are For Sale Boards as they account for more than 40% of house sales.


         For Sale Boards and To Let Boards

                                                                            For Sale Boards - Displayed on street   

Laws and Regulations for displaying For sale boards and signs.

Legal requirements for property for sale boards and to let boards (estate agent signs) are covered under the local authority planning regulations. The planning rules enable certain specified classes of advertisement to be displayed without an application being made to the planning authority. Planning permission to display a to let board is not normally required where you follow a few rules:


For residential to let boards the board must not exceed 0.5 of a square metre, or a total area of 0.6 of a square metre for two joined boards.


You may only display ONE for sale board board on the premises (or two joined to form a "V" as mentioned above).


No advertisement board is allowed to extend outwards from the wall of a building by more than 1 metre.

If the sale or letting is for agricultural, industrial or commercial use or development the board should be no bigger than 2 square metres, but if two boards are joined together to form a single advertisement, a total surface area of 2.3 square metres is permitted.


The board must not be illuminated in any circumstances.

  For Sale Boards and For Sale Signs

The board must not have the highest part of the advertisement at more than 4.6 metres above ground-level, or 3.6 metres in any Area of Special Control (except where advertising a sale or letting of premises situated in a building above these specified height limits).


The board must be removed not later than 14 days after completion of the sale or granting of the tenancy.





House For Sale - Traditional Style

What are for sale board's made from?

Most commonly Residential Estate Agent Boards or private For Sale Boards is made from Correx - a lightweight, waterproof synthetic material which is quite strong and can be nailed to a post.  


The Correx Estate Agent For Sale Board is the most effective, cost effective, eye catching form of advertising. 

Residential Estate Agent Boards including for sale boards, sold signs etc are produced in the following standard sizes, screen printed onto 4mm fluted polyolefin sheets (correx).


610mm x 813mm (24" x 32") landscape or portrait

705mm x 705mm (27.5" x 27.5")




House Network Online Estate Agent and for Sale Boards




Home On Sale - £35

for a For Sale Sign is personalised to display a phone number. Made of the same material as your local estate agents use - Corex. Its double sided - your number is displayed on both sides of the board. Plus a free property advert online.



For Sale Boards are vital for the success of a private sale.

Advertise your home for sale with Lawpack's all-weather, two-sided For Sale boards.

Estate Agents have learnt that using For Sale boards will increase viewing enquiries by as much as 50%.

Personalised For Sale boards need not cost the earth.

Order your For Sale board today and within 7 days you could have a professionally printed, two-sided colour sign that clearly displays your contact number for viewing enquiries.

Our For Sale boards are sized to allow you maximum space to advertise your property as For Sale, whilst still complying with local planning regulations.

For Sale boards are just 81.3cm wide by 61cm high.

They are made from durable 6mm fluted plastic correx and are printed on both sides.

Simple fixing instructions are supplied for easy assembly of the for sale boards.

Note: you will need to pop down to your local DIY store and buy a 2" by 2" 8 foot wooden post and a couple of bolts to set up the For Sale board outside your house or flat. This shouldn't cost more than £2-£3.


For Sale Board Law Pack


The law pack web site offer a for sale board package starting from just £35.00 pounds which is ideal for private property sellers. To order a for sale sign visit the Law Pack web site.




For Sale Board From Owner Sales



The owner sales web site offers professional low cost for sale boards for private home sellers in the UK. To find out more about the for sale sign service visit the web site.


For Sale Board -  £35


The for sale board web site specializes in designing and creating for sale sign boards for private house sellers. You can order a personalised board from just £35. For more information visit the for sale board web site.


3 up and 2 Down For Sale Boards






The office of fair trading have legal powers covering estate agents and what they are legally bound by.









The Times. April 3, 2009

Top ten: For Sale boards


Fly-boarding, board wars and board rage - some of the ten things you need to know about estate agents' signs




FOR SALE - FOR SALE BOARD 1. Estate agents boards proliferate in a recession. "They reflect desperation," says Ed Mead, of Douglas & Gordon, an estate agent in London. "When the market is really flying, you don't see many boards because properties sell quickly." But when sales are slow, boards are left to linger even after the completion of a sale. Although the law requires agents to remove their boards within 14 days of a sale or let, some deliberately ignore the regulations as they compete fiercely for business in a difficult market.


2. Certain agents say that as much as 40 per cent of new clients come to them because they have seen boards in the area in which they wish to buy and sell. At a cost of about £6 for a board and a further £3 to put up, boards are cheap and effective advertising. Matthew Rothery, of Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, says: "They can be particularly useful when a property comes up on a desirable road where it is rare to see properties for sale. It increases word-of-mouth inquiries, where a person who is not seeking to buy themselves points out a property to a friend or relation."


3. But not all boards are selling homes. In an illegal practice known as "fly-boarding", some agents put up boards to make themselves look busy and successful. Buyers are fooled into thinking that an agent has lots of properties on its books while sellers are lead to believe that the agent is doing good business. A few years ago Foxtons had to apologise to Alastair Campbell, then Tony Blair's director of communications, for erecting a board outside his home - which was not for sale.


4. Similar ruses are employed online. Given the shortage of properties for sale, agents with little stock have listed competitors' properties as their own. Some have gone even farther, particularly in the lettings area, and listed dozens of properties to let that were not available, simply to increase their profile on the most popular property search engines.


5. Back on the streets, there are cases of agents tearing down rivals boards and sometimes replacing rival's advertising with their own. The "board wars" were rife at the height of the market in the late 1990s. But some London agents say it continues today and that they frequently have to re-attach boards that have been torn down.


6. Fly-boarding is most common in London, but abuses of this kind are by no means confined to the capital. Bill Spreckley, of the buying agent Stacks Property Search, says: "One of the worst abuses I have seen in the Surrey area is agents sponsoring school fetes and sports days and then putting up boards in parents' gardens advertising the event. These are their 'for sale' boards with different writing in very small letters, giving the impression that they have a load of houses for sale in the area.


For Sale Boards 7. The wording on boards can be misleading for other reasons. What agents mean by "sold", "under offer" and "sale agreed" varies. Roger Wilkinson, of Wilkinson Grant & Co in Devon, marks his boards with "sale agreed" after a buyer has committed to a survey. But many agents mark their boards as "sold" when what they really mean is that the property is under offer. The words "subject to contract" is often in tiny print.


8. Too many "for sale" signs are unsightly and can damage the brickwork. They can also lower the value of homes in an area. Heather Wimshurst, of Stacks Property Search, says: "It usually indicates that it's difficult to sell and sellers have to keep bringing down their price so that they are the lowest. But it is very useful for an investment buyer looking for a bargain."


9. As the market slumps, homeowners are taking action to stop the build-up of for sale boards. Residents' complaints have prompted the London boroughs of Islington and Harrow to ask agents to remove excessive boards under "responsible retailer" agreements. In Brighton and Hove, the East Brunswick Residents' Association has begun its a crusade against boards by asking residents to contact the council if they think that an estate agent is in breach of the regulations.


10. Agents are allowed to display only one board, no bigger than half a square metre per property, but joint agents often skirt round the rules by erecting two boards on one post facing opposite directions. Some agents, such as Douglas & Gordon, have been calling for a ban on for sale boards altogether. Boards have already been banned in conservation areas, most notably parts of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.





  For Sale boards - Your move etc Kremer Signs has been manufacturing and designing Estate Agents Boards for over 26 years. With our experience we are to assist you to achieve the best solution for your requirements.


Other sizes are available, please note, due to planning restrictions all residential and for sale boards must not exceed 0.50 sq.m. Boards can be profile cut into shape if required.


Our Estate Agent Boards are printed with the best quality correx inks. We do not recommend the use of fluorescent colours. With very short runs we may use the option of digital printing or vinyl graphics.


We offer the option of welded for sale boards or to let board then covered with sold slips or let by slips. We are able to offer a double slip service, including 1 off custom sign written slips, sold/for sale, let/to let double sided slips, pole signs and easy apply stickers. All boards and slips can be drilled to accept fittings.


For areas where board erection is inappropriate (Grade 1 listed buildings for example) we can produce easy peel window stickers incorporating the board design may be available.





for sale boards for estate agents and letting agents and the commercial sized boards, residential T-boards, slips, A boards, Flag boards, Fixings, Starter packs, single sided boards, v boards, vinyl number sets, posts http://www.signmedic.com 


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