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Bathroom Bliss: 5 Easy ways to update your bathroom


A bathroom is a place where we want to either wake ourselves up in the morning or where we want to relax and wind down after a long day at work. If you are greeted every day by drab colours and peeling paintwork, it doesn’t do much for your mood. The bathroom however, is one of the easiest places to undertake a cosmetic facelift. Not only are there many elements that you can change within a bathroom but you can also cut your cloth depending on the budget that you have available.


Five Big Differences You Can Make To Your Bathroom

1. The Bathroom Suite

The first place to start is with your bathroom suite and fittings. If money is no object you might decide to change the suite itself. If you prefer showering to lazing about in the tub  you could consider swapping the bath out for a quadrant shower enclosure. These are a particularly great choice if you have a small bathroom, as they help to make the most of the space you have available.

2. The Fittings

If you don’t have the budget immediately for a change of suite, you could just upgrade the fittings. New taps and a shower head can really make the suite look like new again and you can shop around for a variety of styles and materials. An additional benefit would be to install a water efficient showerhead and taps, so that you save on your water bills going forward.

3. Paint and Tiling

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to bring a whole new appearance to your bathroom is to give it a lick of paint. There is a huge array of colours now available, so pick one that you love. One thing to keep in mind with colour choice is the mood you want your bathroom to evoke. Deep shades of colour, for example, tend to invoke feelings of intimacy while if you want an oasis of peace and calm, blue and green shades are a good choice. A tip for those with a darker bathroom, if you want the space to absorb more natural light your best choice is a matte finish. Another easy way to ring the changes is to add new tiles to the bathroom. You can easily introduce a new pattern or colour choice to the bathroom scheme, with the huge array of tiles which are now on sale.

4. Flooring Choice

Flooring can make a big difference to a bathroom and often, because the space is small, you can change the flooring without too much expense. Carpet is luxurious underfoot but sometimes not the most practical choice in a bathroom because of all the wet feet and dripping towels it will encounter. This is also true of laminate flooring as the constant dampness can make it swell and warp. A better choice is stone, ceramic tiles or even vinyl or rubber flooring, all of which come in a huge arrange of colours and designs.

5. Blinds or Curtains

What you hang at your bathroom window can also make a big difference to the feel of the room. Blinds are always very practical but if you would like to go for a more luxurious, opulent appearance why not consider moving over to curtains. A polyester blend fabric in a nice deep colour, like a burgundy or royal blue, is a good choice for a bathroom. This is firstly because the dark colour makes the material seem more expensive than maybe it actually was. Secondly, the polyester blend also ensures that the curtains need minimal ironing and upkeep to look good.

Themed Accessories

Bathroom accessories are always an easy and relatively cheap way to change the mood in your bathroom. The important part is to first choose the style that you want to work towards and purchase your accessories accordingly. Do you want an art deco theme, all chrome and glass? Alternatively, are you seeking a relaxed country vibe with rustic white wicker baskets and fresh flowers? You can then choose all your accessories, including your towels and bathmat colours, to fit with the chosen theme.

Whatever your budget there are many ways to spruce up your bathroom so that it is a comfortable and relaxing place to spend time. Adding candles and perhaps even a glass of wine will make your bathroom pampering time truly blissful.


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