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Simple Tips for a Successful Winter Home Staging and a Quick Sale

Staging your home for a quick and profitable sale is a process that includes some timeless tips to make it appeal to as many people as possible.

However, if you are looking to sell a property in the winter months then there are a few special tips that can make all the difference at this time of year.

Use Thick Curtains

Good quality, thick curtains can add a cosy and elegant touch to any room. They have a range of other benefits and are especially useful if there is the chance that the viewers will otherwise feel a draught coming in from the windows. Another advantage of buying nice curtains for staging a property is that you can either take them with you or negotiate a deal if the buyer likes them so much that they want you to leave them. Of course, an important point to note here is that it is important to let natural light into the property if the viewing is during daylight hours. This means that you should ensure that you have a way of tying the curtains back whenever necessary.

Add a Classy Fire

If you put yourself in the shoes of the viewer for a second than you will see that a classy fire can really make a big difference to their first impressions of the property. If it is a chilly evening when they visit, then their day will be brightened up considerably by entering a warm and welcoming room which feels good to be in. Apart from the heat they generate, one of the great things about the best fires around is that they also instantly provide a beautiful centre piece to any room. For example, some of the top models from a site like imaginfires.co.uk appear more like pieces of art than functional pieces of heating equipment.

Paint Warm Colours

A smart move when you want to give a home a fresh look to try and sell it, is to paint the walls. This is a cheap and relatively simple job that can make a big difference to any house that is looking a bit tired and dated. The most common piece of advice when painting a property for staging purposes is to use neutral colours that appeal to most people. This is completely valid but if you are looking to sell in winter time then you could also take a look at the warmer tones in this category. If you feel that these colours would be too strong for your interior spaces then you could try making the walls a softer tone and add the warm colours in pieces of decoration around the home, like pictures and ornaments.

Add Some Thick Rugs

Another winter staging tip well worth considering is to add some thick, warm rugs around the place. This will help give the aspect of warmth to the home and will also make it appear more welcoming. These are relatively expensive to buy if you shop in the more expensive end of the market. However, this is something else you would want to either take away with you or else get paid for leaving them behind. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to buy high quality rugs that look the part and genuinely entice viewers to make an offer for the property.

Fix Anything that Is Noticeable

Winter time is when a lot of the problems in a house can become more noticeable. Cracks or gaps in the walls next to doors and windows can allow the wind to whistle in, for example. Fixing any visible problems is an important part of staging at any time of year but it is something we need to take extra care over in the coldest months of the year.

Make the Access Easy

This last point may appear obvious but it is also absolutely essential for selling a property during the winter. You may be used to picking your way through snow and ice to get to the front door but a visitor won’t be impressed by difficult access. In fact, they will look at a snow-covered path and immediately see an annoying and time-consuming maintenance job in front of them. You should make sure that the access paths to the home are completely clear and safe to walk on.


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