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              'Who wants to see house prices falling?     Dated:24/07/2008


Today a BBC survey has finally confirmed what many of us already know - that more people now want to see house prices fall than want to see them go up.

According to the BBC survey some 28% of people said they wanted house prices to fall, against just 22% who favoured rises. Nearly half of all respondents, meanwhile, said they wanted prices to stabilise.

The results of the BBC investigation – carried out for tonight’s The Truth About Property programme – casts a very different picture from those front-page scare stories that suggest falling house prices will lead to economic meltdown.

The programme reminds us that price falls ‘bring economic benefits not just to first-time buyers but to any homeowner who wants to trade up to a larger or more valuable property’. This is because for those ‘trading up’ the more valuable should fall by a larger amount than their existing property.

Meanwhile, less than 40% of those interviewed said that a 10% fall in house prices would make them spend less; the remainder suggested it would have no impact whatsoever.

So then, are you one of those people who would like to see house prices fall back to more affordable levels?  And if so, how much and how quickly? And what would the political, social and economic benefits be of a house price correction?

Or are we blissfully ignorant about the real cost of a housing crash?

Does the UK economic miracle rely on house prices going up? And what about those who have bought over the past year or so, often with very high loan to value mortgages? Would allowing a house price crash be fair to them?    

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