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Laura Ashley Heading Logo

Laura Ashley Comforters

Laura Ashley Comforters

Laura Ashley Queen Down Comforter

Queen Down Comforter

Laura Ashley Rebecca Comforter

Rebecca Comforter

Laura Ashley Comforters and Special offers

Laura Ashley Comforters, Home Wares and Soft Furnishings

Home Staging Consultants is delighted to recommend Laura Ashley Comforters. The soft comforters are very stylish and compliment any home beautifully.

Makeover your home with the latest Laura Ashley Comforters, cushions, and sofas, along with just the right colours with matching art work and so much more.

See Laura Ashley Comforters special offers here


Laura Ashley Small Logo 



Laura Ashlet Prescot Comforter

Prescot Comforter

Laura Ashley Guildford Comforter

Guildford Comforter

Laura Ashley Newbury Comforter

Newbury Comforter


A brief history of Comforters

A comforter is actually just another name for a quilt and also a Duvet which is actually the original bed cover. These were usually made from scraps of old material or old discrded clothes. The exact date when Comforters, Quilts or Duvets first appeared is not known for sure. It is believed that the Chinese may have been using them as far back as 3,000 BC. However these would have been luxury items that only the rulers could afford as at that time they would have been stuffed with silk. The Eiderdown was another style of Comforter that gained popularity in some parts of Britain during the Victorian times. AT the time it was marketed as as a replacement for a blanket which at that time time was usually made of heavy wool. However, it did not fully replace blankets altogether as it was only lightly quilted and was therefore not warm enough to be used just on its own, especially during the British winter months.


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