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The interior design images and interior design ideas on theses page are original quality images taken by Anita Richardson (left,Monacco), founder of, The Home Staging Network, ,, and House Wow ( an Interior Design company dedicated to providing wow factor for home owners and property developers..




Interior Design Ideas website1'I'm a  trained Interior Designer and love to travel and see different interior design ideas all over the world. I just love to capture the wonderful images I see.   My love of all things design, my eye for layout and style with the use of a quality digital camera means these photographs are not too bad!  I enjoy traveling with my husband, Geoff, and discovering Interior Design and Architecture around the world. Feel free to browse the for interior design ideas and inspiration.


I hope that you can enjoy these wonderful images, I am happy to share them with you.'


Anita Richardson


Anita studied Interior Design in England at Leeds College of Art and Design, runs a Design and Home Staging business, co-ordinates a Home Staging Network & Directory  at  and has written books on the essentials of running a Home Staging Business  House Wow launced in 2008 - the interior styling scene in the UK is set for a shake up. See 


Interior Design Ideas websiteThe images available to you have been collected throughout studies and research and are  intended to be a collection for your enjoyment and inspiration in the world of design and architecture whatever your particular interests may be in this area.  They may be of particular use to University and College students studying Design or homeowners looking for inspiration. 




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