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Huntsworth Interior Designers

London and Prague    

Jitka Kobzova
39a Huntsworth Mews
Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7723 8212
Mob: 00 44 (0)7853 890004 



  Jitka Kobzova - Director

Services Offered

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Interior Design Schemes

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Home Makeovers

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Professional Organising

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Personal shopping for Interior Furnishings

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Feng Shui for your home

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Preparation for moving house

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Move-in-service

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Guest House and Hotel Staging


 Services Overview

Interior Design Scheme

From re-styling a room with subtle changes in colour, lighting and material textures to complete renovation of a building's interior. From floor to ceiling and everything in between.

Home Makeovers

A few simple changes can make a great difference. Transforming a home or room by utilising its light and space, re-positioning furniture, decluttering, and making good use of storage space.

Professional Organising (for the home)

Practical solutions for organising a home in every aspect. Create orderly use of space and storage from the kitchen, closet, bedroom and bathroom to the garage.

Personal Shopping for Interior Furnishings

You may have a long shopping list, or simply need one good piece to complete your scheme. Knowing where to go, making the right choice, while keeping a practical eye on the budget, can completely change the way you feel about where you live.

Feng Shui for your Home

Placing the furniture, mirrors and plants, and choosing the right colours does help to create a harmonious atmosphere in your home. The ancient art of Feng Shui offers simple rules, which have a brilliant effect when applied correctly.

Preparation for Moving House

Moving house can be a very daunting task, with which we are happy to assist you. Packing itself can be a part of the preparation of your property for sale. If you want to make sure that your property would give the impression of being large and spacious, it is good to pack some of the things you do not use too often and put them into storage before the first viewers come to look at your house. Systematic labeling of boxes and good organisation of packed items can make the move into your new home so much easier.

Move-in Service

Unpacking and organising of furniture, ornaments and your personal household goods is hard work. We visit your new property with you before the move and plan where in your new home you would like to place your furniture. We can even decorate for you. So by the time you come to your new house, you will find it freshly decorated and cleaned, with your furniture and ornaments beautifully organised so you instantly feel at home without having to do the hard work yourself.

Guest House and Hotel Staging

Would you like to attract more guests? Are you considering updating your website or brochure? How about giving your hotel, or at least some of the rooms, a facelift? We can help you to create a pleasant, relaxed, contemporary look, which will look fantastic in photographs and make your guests' stay in your rooms so great they will love coming back.



About us

Jitka Kobzova was born in Czech Republic and lived in Kuwait and Dubai from 1981-2008. Now based in London, she continues to expand her business, working internationally in London, Czech Republic, Kuwait and Dubai, building on the expertise she has achieved over the last 20 years.

Passionate about design, Jitka applies traditional style as well as modern and contemporary, keeping up to date with the latest trends, and incorporating her extensive knowledge to all her projects.

Jitka believes the key to a successful interior is listening to her clients - really getting to know every aspect of their lives, loves and passions. In this way she is able to create a space which truly works for the person living in it.

Jitka's team are all dedicated professionals and experts in their fields, from interior design through soft furnishings, flooring, re-upholstery, decorating and lighting, to coordinating a kitchen or bathroom installation, or a full refurbishment.

Huntsworth Home Staging undertake projects of all sizes and always with the same level of dedication and personal service you should demand from a specialist interior design company.



aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Studied at the JJAADA Academy of Art and Design

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Studied at the British Academy of Home Staging

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional

aball1g.gif (104 bytes)  Member of The Home Staging Network. 


Qualifications Overview

Now based in London, Jitka studied at the JJAADA Academy of Art and Design in West London, and the British Academy of Home Staging. She is a Certified Home Staging and Styling Professional, and member of The Home Staging Network.




"I have nothing but praise for Huntsworth Home Staging. They listened to my brief and completely understood what I needed."


Mr and Mrs Besheer, Kuwait


"I was included at every stage of the process, and [Huntsworth Home Staging] provided schemes I would never have dreamed of on my own."


Estela, Kuwait


"As well as producing some really lovely room schemes, Huntsworth Home Staging also saved me money by suggesting a more simple makeover in some areas. By using what I already had, they completely transformed how things looked. I was really impressed by their honesty."


Joaqim, Prague

"Working from home, I was having difficulty separating my work life from my home life. Huntsworth Home Staging completely transformed the way I live and work, with their excellent reorganisation of my office space. Now I work to a system, with a place for everything, and the beautiful screens they introduced to my work space mean I can now 'turn off' from work mode at the end of a day. Thank you!"

Pierre, Dubai

"My house was on the market for months, with no offers. I contacted Huntsworth Home Staging when I heard about their staging service. What a difference! They so improved the look of my house, I not only received three offers, but all above my asking price - and within two weeks of work being finished. Problem is, it looks so good, I'm tempted to stay here now!"

Noora, Dubai

"Thank you for doing a great job. Our house was sold just within a week of you completing the work. Many thanks."

Evelyn, London

"Before we appointed Huntsworth Home Staging to help us sell our home we were unsure exactly how it worked. Their work was simple and effective. All the rooms were clearly defined, looked very inviting, and we had an offer very quickly. Thank you very much."

Sara and Mike, Dubai



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