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Decorating Solutions (Niagara) Inc.
Telephone: 905-984-6955
Toll Free: 1-866-574-0565

Staging & Redecorating Services
Christine Rae 

Examples of before and after staging:

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Welcome to Decorating Solutions! 


Our solutions include: Real Estate Staging, One-day-decorating, Redecorating, Room Makeovers, Business Image Enhancements and Feng Shui. 


We are nationally known for our Staging Program taught by Christine Rae, Regional Director of StagedHomes for Canada, UK and NE USA.

What is Staging®?

Staging® is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price or location.

Using a proven set of guidelines, the house is reviewed for ultimate & maximized impact on buyers. Once the recommendations are implemented & completed the home is designated a Staged® Home.

Showcasing your home's best features takes more than de-cluttering a house; it's creating favourable impressions everywhere the eyes rest. Starting at the curb-side, moving throughout the house to the very back edge of the property, everything needs be reviewed.

History of Staging®

Barb Schwarz was in residential real estate in 1972, teaching sellers how to diplomatically coax home owners into preparing their homes for sale without upsetting or offending the owner. She would show the sellers by preparing the home, "set the scene and how to set the stage" they would sell the homes for top dollar. She used this phrase many times until the word "Staging" became well known all over the United States.

Why Should You Stage?

Thoroughly preparing your house for sale makes a great first impression on prospective buyers!

The message buyers receive is "this house won't be on the market long, if we want it, we had better put an offer in NOW!" Makes buyers want to move in, not on.

Prospective buyers make a decision within a few seconds of walking through your front door. They will spend the rest of the tour confirming that decision whether it is favourable or not. It's important to appeal to the widest range of people previewing your house, buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house, because buyers only know what they see not the way it is going to be. The way you live in your home and the way we need to market to sell your house are two very different things.









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