Do I need an Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, Property Presentation expert, 

Interior Stylist or Home Staging Consultant? 



There has been recent confusion about the definition of Job titles in the Interior Décor Industry and with just cause.  As an increased variety of courses and qualifications broaden the type of skills that individuals offering interior services have, the homeowner needs to do their homework before they can be confident to employ the right person for the job.

In the days when only the wealthy could afford to employ a professional to help them to decide what wallpaper would match their upholstery they employed an Interior Designer. The Interior Designer would then employ or recommend a painter and decorator to do the wallpapering and everyone was happy.

These days we seem to have as many job titles to choose from as wallpaper styles before we can get on with the job and call someone.

However that is not necessarily a bad thing. The range of people available with a range of expertise also means that there is a range of prices and fees on offer too. You may not need a Design House to help you choose the right wallpaper any more.

As more optional services become available this means that more people are finding it affordable to employ someone to get the right advice. They can save money on the expensive mistakes that buying the wrong wallpaper or the wrong furniture may lead to. They can also save themselves from pulling hair out when the un-recommended decorator didn’t turn up.

Definitions of Interior specialist job titles with qualifications, average fees charged and where to find them can be seen below.

An Interior Designer


Likely to have studied Degree level at a recognised Institution accredited by a regulated learning body.

Studies include: Design theory, the history of design and building interiors (so they have structural knowledge in order to make suggestions on design which include structural alterations to a property). 

Fees: Will often contract at an hourly rate or at a percentage of cost of goods purchased. Hourly rates may be £35 - £200.00 per hour.

Professional body: BIDA British Institute of Interior Design



Interior Decorators and Interior Stylists


Likely to have studied part-time or full time in Interior Decoration at a recognised Institution accredited by a regulatory body. Qualification example BTEC National Diploma in Design.

Fees charged:  £20 - £60.00 per hour, per day or fixed job rate.


The Home Staging Network,

House Wow Ltd


Home Staging Consultants and Property Presentation experts


Likely to have completed a Home Staging course such the Home Staging Network distance learning course. 

May have undertaken an interior design course or interior decoration course.

May have personal property developing experience and/or experience of Estate Agency work. 

A Home Staging course covers home staging techniques, business practice, customer liaison, Property market influences.

The Home Staging Network registers Members in the UK and asks them to confirm Business registration number, Public liability Insurance, Data Protection registration and signing up to the Home Staging Professional code of practice.

Fees:  £15.00 - £55.00 per hour or set rates for the job,


The Home Staging Network

Local Yellow pages under category for ‘Home Staging’.


Ensuring you contract the best person for the job:

  1. Ask what qualifications they passed and when 
  2. Ask how much experience they have had and relevance to your project
  3. Check what your job requirements are against the above criteria
  4. Ask to see their personal portfolio of work 
  5. Ask to see their written statement of terms and conditions (the legal document which details your rights as a customer if things go wrong)
  6. Ask if they will provide a quotation in writing with 2 copies to be signed by each of you
  7. Ask if they belong to any professional bodies and whether they sign up to a professional code of practice
  8. Ask to see their certificate of public liability insurance
  9. Ask if they are registered with the data protection act.
  10. Do you like them and have confidence in their skills and professionalism


Home Staging Consultants and Interior Designers can be found at the Home Staging Network


Telephone: 0845 2570 451


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