Interior Styling Choices amidst a sea of options

       Interior Styling choices amidst a sea of options

I always give my clients a couple of the latest Interiors magazines as well as a CD ROM with a wide range of Interior style images to browse and ask them to note the images which they love the most and the images that they detest. The polarity of their design preferences tells me so much about what they want to achieve.  This is one of the methods I use to start on the road to a unique and successful design concept.

The abundance and variety of design images in property styling programmes, interior style magazines and in the world about us, such as retail environments and commercial establishments results in many clients feeling confused and bewildered by the wide range of choice.  Although they start to consider their options they just donít know how to reach a decision and how to find the goods that they require.

Our job as an interior stylist is to guide clients to find their real preferences and to help them to achieve a fabulous look that they can enjoy, that wonít date quickly and that is practical within the constraints and circumstances of their own environment and budget.  That environment can be a small flat, a huge mansion, home office, guest room, a retail outlet or rental investment and we must achieve a unique result and satisfied client.

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