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Become a Home Stager - Home Staging career Guide

ISBN 0955234409 The Home Staging Business Guide eBook 

Edition 4 - 2011


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This home staging ebook guide is is the best available on the internet today and is written by Industry experts with advice on home staging techniques and how to start a home staging business.

* Easy read online pages with links index  * 270 pages printable by chapter * 120 colour pictures and example projects with before staging & after staging photos * staging tips * staging career and services ideas * become a stager business start up check list * home staging document examples * how to start a home staging business working from home * home staging business plan * home staging accounts examples and much much more*  


Buyers feedback:


"I would like to say that this Home Staging ebook is absolutely fantastic-all I could possibly need for starting up in business - so THANK YOU! I particularly like the pictures and the example letters - invaluable help to my home staging business".  Chrissy Halton


"You won't find a more comprehensive home staging guide anywhere. Amazing value", A Peters



The how to 'become a home stager' resource

 Invaluable guide for...  Home Staging beginner, Developing home stager, House Doctor, Home staging business start up, Home interior redesign career, Estate agents/real estate services, Property investors, Property developers, Home styling career. 



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Home Staging Business guide contents    Author   Testimonials 


Become a Home Stager...

The Home Staging Business start up Guide ebook includes:



Practical advice and information on home staging business start up

The principals of home staging effectively

Practical information on running a home staging business - working from home, dealing with clients,  arranging appointments, example stationery and written communications.

Home Staging training options, example home staging business services to offer and furniture rental and trades resources.
Writing a Home Staging Action plan, How to producing an electronic action plan.
How to Market your Home Staging Business: letter examples, resources, types of marketing, who to contact, how to write effective copy and low cost suggestions to get your business noticed.

Home Staging Business start up, how to write a business plan, taxation issues, expenditure and profit and loss accounts. 

Over 120 colour photographs including show homes and before and after home staging pictures   

Home Staging in the UK: Training options, business start up, Business services to offer, fees and useful links for running a home staging business in the UK

Home Staging in the USA: Training options, business start up, Business services to  offer, fees, picture gallery and many useful links for running a home staging business in the USA 

Home Staging in Canada  Written by Christine Rae, owner of successful Home Staging Businesses Decoration Solutions, Canada. 
Home Styling in Australia  Written by Anne Peters owner of successful Home Staging Businesses Buyer Appeal Property Styling, Australia. 

   ebook contents     Author   Testimonials


Create a successful Staging Career....   

Images from screen pages of the Home Staging Business eBook


(Note: The screen is a scrolling page for each section with a fully hyperlinked index and lots of useful cross referenced information and external hyperlinked 

organisations and point of references.  The whole guide is approximately 270 pages of equivalent A4 pages)


Home Staging Business ebook section 1Intro - start of page

Home Staging Business ebook section 3 Business start up - start of page


Home Staging Business ebook section 4 Home Staging in the US - start of page

Home Staging Business ebook section Show Homes - start of page


Home Staging Business ebook - PR and editorials explained        Home Staging Business ebook - newspaper PR - how to get the best press and media attention

Above: One of the example projects detailed in 'Home Staging Business Guide' 

as featured in the media after Home Staging by Anita Richardson, 

the Guides author increased the property value by £40,000 in just 5 weeks. 


Home Staging Business Consultation with customer


Above: Anita, explaining the Home Staging Action plan to the property owner. 

Full details in the Home Staging Business Guide.


As featured in Home Style Magazine


 Home Style Magazine - Home Staging business ebook insertion


'Every possible topic is covered with great clarity and practicality 

in this comprehensive Home Staging Business Starter eBook.'  

HomeStyle Magazine


As featured in the Daily Telegraph


Daily Telegraph

'With business start up in the real world in mind, this 

business starter kit has all anyone could want to make starting a business 

in Home Staging as easy as possible.' 





ebook contents     Author   Testimonials 



  Full Contents List



 'Start a Home Staging Business - Guide Contents'


The Home Staging Business Guide e Book contents cover complete details about how to become a home stager and create 

a successful home staging career.


1 Introduction

2 Home Staging as a business

2.1      Training and expertise

2.1.1   Qualifications and training

2.1.2   Home Staging and Property Presentation Training

2.1.3   Personal experience

2.2      Possible services to offer

2.2.1   Consultation and advice

2.2.2   Consultation and immediate fix half day

2.2.3   Consultation and project management

2.2.4   Full home Staging Service

2.2.5   Home Staging to Sell

2.2.6   Home Staging to Stay

2.2.7   De-clutter

2.2.8   Estate Agent/Real Estate partnerships

2.2.9   Furniture rental

2.2.10 Other home staging services and options

2.2.11  Property photography

2.3      Charges, fees and contacts

2.4      Consultants immediate fix kit

2.5      Contractors, Services and Suppliers

2.5.1   Developing Links

2.5.2   Discount

2.5.3   Trades people finders fee

2.5.4   Finding a tradesperson

2.5.5   Trades jargon

2.5.6   Wholesalers Directory

2.6      Encouraging Customer co-operation

2.7      Personal presentation

2.8      Before the appointment

2.8.1   Client appointment confirmation letter

2.8.2   Terms & conditions

2.8.3   Managing the appointments

2.8.4   Research

2.8.5   Organising the documentation

2.8.6   Planning the job

2.8.7   Useful Links

2.9      At the appointment

2.9.1   Meeting the client

2.9.2   Client participation

2.9.3   Collecting information at the appointment

2.9.4   Photographing the home

2.9.5   Home Staging Consultants brief case

2.10    After the appointment

2.10.1 Producing an Action Plan

2.10.2 Feedback

2.10.3 Requesting payment and invoicing

2.10.4 Information storage and management of accounts

2.10.5 Planning and project management

2.11    Home Staging companies in the UK

2.12    International Home Staging Companies

2.13    Sources for Home Staging ideas and Inspiration

3 Business Start up

3.1       Initial considerations

3.1.1    Business Plan

3.1.2    Naming a business

3.1.3    Inland Revenue

3.1.4    VAT

3.1.5    Sole Trader

3.1.6    Limited Company

3.1.7    Self Employed NI contributions

3.1.8    Premises

3.1.9    Cash flow

3.1.10  Strategy

3.1.11  Market Research

3.1.12  Banks

3.1.13  Legal advice

3.1.14  Insurance

3.1.15  Accountants

3.2      Working from home

3.2.1    Home and family

3.2.2    House insurance & mortgage issues

3.2.3    Inland Revenue

3.2.4    Council Tax and tax issues

3.2.5    Business Link info on working from home

3.3      Office equipment

3.4      Organising a system

3.4.1   Paperwork

3.4.2   IT based

3.4.3   Keeping your own accounts

3.5      Business documentation

3.5.1   Letterhead examples - 1

3.5.2   Letterhead examples - 2

3.5.3   Logo

3.5.4   Flyers

3.5.5   Fax

3.5.6   Business Cards

3.6      Stationery examples

3.6.1   Consultation Appointment Survey form

3.6.2   Home Staging Action Plan template example

3.6.3   Client feedback form

3.6.4   Invoice

3.7      Example documents

3.7.1   Estate Agents marketing letter or email

3.7.2   Appointment confirmation letter to client

3.7.3   Marketing letter to home owners

3.7.4   Marketing article to local property papers

3.7.5   Inland Revenue Letter requesting exemption

3.7.6   Example Contract

3.7.7   Programme of work

3.7.8   Draft Timetable - client copy

3.7.9   Order sheet

3.7.10  Working timesheet

3.7.11  Weekly timesheet

3.7.12  Clients contact record

3.8       Links to sources of advice and funding

4 Home Staging Effectively

4.1       Key issues in Home Staging

4.1.1    Style

4.1.2    Imagination

4.1.3    Cost

4.1.4    Have an overview

4.1.5    Kerb appeal, entrance and frontage

4.1.6    Less work for the buyer

4.1.7    Cleanliness

4.1.8    De-cluttering

4.1.9    Lighting

4.1.10  Space enhancing

4.1.11  Eating area or dining room

4.1.12  Children's rooms

4.1.13  Master Bedroom

4.1.14  Bathrooms

4.1.15  Kitchens

4.1.16  The Lounge

4.1.17  Colour

4.1.18  Accessories

4.1.19  Bad smells

4.1.20  Gardens

4.2       Picture Gallery

4.2.1    Home Staging examples

4.2.2    Hotel Inspiration

4.2.3    Show Home Secrets

4.2.4    Design Inspiration

4.2.5    Floral Decorations

4.3       Buyers Tour

4.4       House Prices

4.5       Estate Agents and surveyors

4.6       Structural issues

4.7       The 10 quickest ways to make money on property

4.8       Expect the unexpected

4.9       Achieving a staged property and successful sale

5.0 Marketing

5.1       Marketing Introduction

5.2       Printing

5.3       Business cards and stationery

5.4       A business Logo

5.5       Flyers

5.6       Writing effective copy

5.7       Marketing Estate Agents

5.8       Marketing to Home Owners

5.9       UK and International Home Staging Directory

5.10     Paid Advertising

5.11     Advertorial

5.12     Local advertising

5.13     Finding free and low cost advertising

5.14     Mortgage advisors

5.15     Solicitors

5.16     Feedback and testimonials

5.17     Marketing with the 'Staging Property' eBook

5.18     The internet and ebusiness

5.19     Why have links into your web site?

5.20     Web site optimisation

5.21     E-Business Regulatory Bodies

5.22     Email promotion and marketing

5.23     Example logo designs and a business card layout

5.24     Marketing email to Estate Agents

5.25     Marketing letter to Solicitors/mortgage Advisers

5.26     Marketing letter to gym/business contact

5.27     Marketing letter to a homeowner

5.28     Example of advertorial

5.29     Example of a colour flyer/advert

5.30     Example of a small newspaper lineage advert

5.31     Example of a full colour flyer/advert

5.32     Example of a home printed flyer

5.33     Example of a digitally printed glossy flyer

6.0 Home Staging in Canada

6.1      Introduction

6.2      What is home staging

6.3      Key factors in Canadian home staging

6.4     Working with Real Estate Agents

6.5     Home staging services and options

6.6     Furniture rental

6.7     The housing market

6.8     Business start up - useful links

6.9     Home Staging Industry Accreditation and Training

6.10   Home Staging Directory options

6.11   Decorating Solutions, Canada

6.12   Picture Gallery - Before and after staging

7.0 Home Staging in Australia

7.1    Introduction

7.2    The principles of property styling

7.3    Starting a property styling business

7.4    Choosing a name for your business

7.5    Trademarks

7.6    Setting up a company

7.7    Australian Taxation registration: GST, TFN, PAYG

7.8    Business start up - useful links

7.9    Training and certification

7.10   Directories for listing Home Styling

7.11   Buyer Appeal Property Styling Pty Ltd, Australia

7.12   Picture Gallery - Before and After staging

8.0 Home Staging in the United States of America

8.1    Introduction

8.2    What is home staging?

8.3    Why Stage a property for sale?

8.4    The Housing Market in the USA

8.5    Statistics on the benefits of home staging

8.6    The value of home staging to homeowners

8.7    Working with Real Estate Agents

8.8    Redesign and how is it different to Home Staging?

8.9    IRIS on Redesign

8.10  Home Staging and Redesign Training options

8.11  Association of Staging Professionals

8.12  ASP - Home Staging Training

8.13  Interior Redesign Industry Specialists IRIS

8.14  Alternative Interior Redesign Training

8.15  Home Staging Seminars by Peggy

8.16  Staging and Design Training - Distance learning

8.17  Level of fees to charge

8.18  Home Staging, Redesign and optional services to offer

8.19  Home Staging Businesses in the US

8.20  Luxury 5 star Home Staging Business Case Study

8.21  About Dressed to Close

8.22  Furniture Rental

8.23  Finding Home staging resources and articles

8.24  Finding suppliers and contractors

8.25  Business Start up and taxation issues

8.26  Checklist for starting a business

8.27  Business structure

8.28  Business Structures

8.29  Sole Proprietorships

8.30  Forms to use

8.31  Partnerships

8.32  Corporations

8.33  S Corporations

8.34  Publications - Limited Liability Company (LLC)

8.35  Employees Employment Scenarios

8.36  How spouses earn social security benefits

8.37  One spouse employed by another

8.38  Employer ID Numbers (EINs)

8.39  Business Taxes

8.40  Income Tax

8.41  Self-Employment Tax

8.42  Employment Taxes

8.43  Excise Tax

8.44  Records keeping required for taxation and the IRS

8.45  Supporting Business Documents

8.46  Employment taxes

8.47  Local States: business, taxation, employer information

8.48  Summary of useful links and resources

9.0 The electronic Home Staging Action plan Report

9.1   Preparing an electronic Report

9.2   Example electronic Home Staging Action Plan Report

9.3   Action Plan next steps

10.0 Know your trades jargon!

11.0 HSC: Further products and services




Contents    Author   Testimonials



Don't just take our word for it;  look at some of the feedback from previous purchasers:


"I would like to say that this Home Staging ebook is absolutely fantastic-all I could possibly need for starting up in business - so THANK YOU! I particularly like the pictures and the example letters - invaluable help to my home staging business".

Chrissy Halton, Cheshire, UK


"You won't find a more comprehensive home staging guide anywhere. Amazing value".

A Peters, Australia


"Excellent research material to start a home staging business in any Country".

Christine Rae, Canada

Decorating solutions.ca


"Now I feel that I have all the information I need to start a successful Home Staging business. Excellent value".

T Cooper, Sheffield, England


"I purchased your eBook Home Staging and Business Startup Guide and so far I Love it! It is exactly what I was hoping it would be".

Erin Rhindgrass, Massachusetts, USA elrsigns.com


"A great book to read with excellent images and clear descriptions of business practice".

Rosemary Swainey, Atlanta, USA


"I searched the internet and every large book store but unable to find anything with much useful content until I found this amazing eBook. A fabulous resource to become a home stager, Thank you".

S Moorhouse, Edinburgh, UK


"A fabulous, easy to use Home Staging eBook with clear and concise information. Brilliant!"

K Smithson, Cheshire, UK


"The information in this eBook has saved me an enormous amount of time. I know feel I have the confidence to start a Home Staging business. I canít thank you enough!" 

Jane, Design student, Kent, UK


"A great eBook, lots of useful home staging business information and no waffle, it was great to read, thank you".

F Benfield, Swansea, UK


"The E book was a great source of information and I found it very helpful.  Thank you for 'paying it forward' to all of us. It's great to see successful businesses help others achieve the same."

Alison Kirkland, Rotorua, New Zealand


"Thank you for the Home Staging Business eBook, it is extremely thorough, practical and instantly usable. It is astounding, and could have been written just for me for my staging career!  Many thanks once again"

Valerie Plummer, At No 19, Interior Design, England


"The Home Staging Business eBook is very thorough and designed to help a beginning business person as well as a beginning home stager (to do both is a major feat!). I've been self-employed for several years as a feng shui practitioner and life mentor coach, so some of the basics are a nice refresher for me. I like the photos to give actual visuals."

Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst, USA


"Dear Anita, Your book is terrific and so very helpful - Thankyou!"

Denise Sprague, Small Changes Design,  La Jolla, CA, USA 



 The Author  

The Home Staging Business Guide was written by Anita Richardson, with contributions from home staging experts in the USA, Australia and Canada.  Anita Richardson has over 10 years of experience in home staging and Interior Design and is founder of  The International Home Staging Network.  Anita understands very well all the issues about business start up and running a home staging business. Anita is at the forefront of marketing home staging and shows you in this comprehensive ebook how to start and manage a successful home staging business.  

As well as running leading UK Home Staging and Show Home Business, House Wow Ltd www.housewow.co.uk, Anita continues to develop the home staging course chssp.com and a significant web presence for independent Home Staging Businesses at The International Home Staging Network hsnwk.com.  Anita Richardson is a recognised expert in home staging advice to sell property and has featured in Sky TV's Women in Property programme, Open House, The Telegraph, The Independent plus Style Magazines such as House Beautiful, Show Homes, Home Style and  Women's World.          


"I started my own Home Staging and Design business so that I could enjoy a creative career whilst having total flexibility whilst being a mum with two children to look after.   I am happy to share with you all that I have learned during my staging career  and have captured all of this information within the Home Staging Business Guide eBook.  

Wishing you health, happiness and a successful Design Career in Home Staging,  Best wishes


Anita Richardson, Founder of The Home Staging Network and MD HouseWow®



The Home Staging Business Guide ebook



   Home Staging Business Start up Book      

Home Staging Business Guide eBook

The most comprehensive 270 page home staging business start up guide

contains everything you need to know to start a successful 

Home Staging Business!



Home Staging Business Guide ebook 

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