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The Home Staging Business e Book

Comprehensive guide on How to start and run a home staging business.

The Home staging book covers everything you will need to know 

including business start up, top home staging tips for sellers,

payments, funding,  home staging document examples.



 'Home Staging Property for Sale'

For UK home owners, estate agents and property investors who want  to 

improve property to sell closer to the asking price faster! 

'Staging Property for sale' ebook'  £14.75 + vat 

Written by Anita Richardson, founder of The Home Staging Network 

ISBN Number 0955234441

  • Ensure that property sells fast  

  • Add wow factor at low cost 

  • home improvements which increase property value for low cost

  • tried and tested home staging techniques

  • cosmetic improvement to make the best of any property

'Staging Property for Sale' electronic book includes 80 pages 

of expert advice and information and over 200  pictures 

including property staging projects.


Written by expert in Property Presentation, Anita Richardson, founder of Home Staging Consultants.co.uk,  The Home Staging Network and Anita-Design.co.uk.  


Includes details of Anita's recent successful staging projects and secrets 

to getting property sold fast.


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Staging project (as featured in The Yorkshire Evening Post) carried out by Anita Richardson, author 

of the 'Staging Property for sale' ebook, increasing the property value by £40,000 in just 5weeks


Anita, explaining the outlined action plan to the property owner.    

Pages from the electronic Book - ebook are immediately available on your computer after downloading





Contents List

1     Introduction


2     Staging Property for Sale


2.1  Key issues to Staging Property to sell at the best price fast


2.2  Buyer appeal and Style


2.3  How to wow the buyers


2.4  Budgeting and Costs


2.5  An overview of the staging process


2.6  Kerb appeal - first impressions count


2.7  Less work for the buyer


2.8  Cleaning to increase property value


2.9  De-clutter to Sell


2.10  Lighting options to increase buyer appeal


2.11  Options to enhance space


Room by room Staging Property guide:


2.12  Eating area or dining room


2.13  Children’s rooms


2.14  Master Bedroom


2.15  Bathrooms


2.16  Kitchens


2.17  The Lounge    

2.18  Use of colour in home staging


2.19  Using accessories to create wow factor


2.20  Positive Smells


2.21  Buyer appeal in the garden


2.22  Picture Gallery 


2.22.1  Staging Before & afters


2.22.1  Home Staging project examples


2.22.2  Hotels for inspiration


2.22.3  Show Homes revealed


2.22.4  Ideal Homes Exhibition, London


2.22.5  Floral Decoration

2.23  RICS on Home Improvements to sell


2.24  Structural Issues, fixtures, fittings and repairs 


2.25  Finding reliable Trades people 


2.26  10 ways owners make or lose money on property


2.27  The Home Staging Network


2.28  Achieving a staged property and successful sale


3.00    Colour in Interior Design and The Trades Jargon Directory


3.1      Colour in Interior Design


3.1.1   Colour

3.1.2   Where to begin

3.1.3   Curtains, floor and wall coverings  

3.1.4   Strong colours versus Neutral

3.1.5   Uplifting  

3.1.6   Next steps

3.2     Trades jargon alphabetical directory


3.2.1   Brick Layer Jargon

3.2.2   Carpenter Jargon

3.2.3   Plasterer Jargon

3.2.4   Ground worker Jargon

3.2.5   Plumber Jargon

3.2.6   Electrician Jargon

3.2.7   Roofer Jargon

3.2.8   Carpet fitter Jargon

3.2.9   Decorator Jargon

3.2.10 Heating / Air conditioning engineer Jargon

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About the Author  

Written by Anita Richardson, who runs a successful Home Staging business Anita-Design.co.uk. Anita has increased property value by many thousands of pounds and can pass all the tips of the trade on to you. Anita also founded Home Staging Consultants.co.uk and wrote the Home Staging Business eBook advising businesses on how to present property for sale to achieve the best price - so this book cannot fail to provide you with the practical advice necessary to increase the value of your  property when selling.    

Anita with Ann Maurice, Channel 5's House Dr, at the Property Presentation Seminar, London

A word from the author


       'Researching effective property presentation is a wise move. I am confident that you will find the eBook a valuable resource and fully expect it to be the best investment you make in preparing property for sale.

       'I hope that you enjoy the  eBook and are encouraged by the simplicity of the factors to put in place in order to prepare and present a property effectively to sell at the best price.  Once you undertake the changes necessary to give your property buyer appeal it should have the viewers knocking at the door and offering the best price.  

        ' Maximising the return on the biggest investment in life that many of us have makes sound financial sense and enables you to move on to the next property with more capital to invest.  

Best Wishes,       


Anita Richardson

Founder of HomeStagingConsultants.co.uk,

The Home Staging Network and Anita-design.co.uk


    Review of 'Staging Property to sell'


'Regardless of what the Estate Agents would have you believe, it is almost certain that the house-price boom has started to flag, so sellers may need a little help encouraging buyers to sign the dotted line for their asking price.  And help is at hand in the shape of 'Staging Property for Sale', from Logicworks Publishing, an ebook filled with tips and handy before-and-after shots designed to turn uninviting ugly ducklings into swans with serious kerb appeal.'    


Property pages, Daily Telegraph, September 2006





 The Staging eBook for UK property owners who want  to 

Sell property at maximum price fast.


No Longer available - please see the CHSSP Home Staging Course


at  www.chssp.com 





The Home Staging Business Guide for those wanting to set up a business in Home Staging.  





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