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Home Staging South Africa


Home Staging Studio, Western Cape, South Africa



Spacenrgy, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa



Jenni Louise Property Presentation, Western Cape, South Africa



      Home Staging  South Africa


Home Staging Studio


Carol Harding   

The President Apartments, Beach Road

Bantry Bay, Western Cape, South Africa, 8005


Tel:         0027 (0)21 4341632

Mob:       0027 (0)71 4283202


Home Staging Studio assists sellers to stage their properties for sale. This process starts with the seller emotionally detaching and turning a home back into an asset that must be sold for the highest possible price. Detachment is followed by decluttering and depersonalizing which includes repairing, replacing and cleaning. Finally, the property is styled to show off its best selling features.


  Spacenergy Home Staging and Interior Design South Africa

Willy Wales


16, Twelfth Avenue, Parktown North

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2193


Tel:         0027 114428510

Mob:       0027 834408087


Full home staging facility, for the prompt sale of the home at the best possible price, go to our website for more details of Home Staging and Interior Design Services.

Jenni Lousie Property Presentation  

Jenni Louise Property Presentation


1904 Cartwrights Corner, 19, Adderley Street

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 8001


Tel:         +27 (0)72 4709272



Jenni Louise is a Property Styling and Presentation Consultancy creating stylish, functional living and work spaces within the residential and commercial markets. Whether you are looking to present your home to its optimum potential ready for sale, or are the proprietor of a boutique hotel or guest house in need of re-design Jenni Louise can help you maximize your profitability.






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