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Show homes, Property Presentation, Home Staging, Declutter, house doctoring and Home Styling Services in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. Online Reports are available for a non-visit Service option.  We are pleased to offer customers a professional service and sign up to the professional code of practice as a Member of The Home Staging Network.

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Interior Design and Styling Services




Survey and  appraisal

The Consultation appointment can consider either a single room or a number of rooms in the home plus gardens and frontage as required. The initial Consultation can provide immediate advice and suggestions. Costs will depend on the number of rooms needing advice. 



Home Styling is not about full interior design. Home Styling is about creating style on a more reasonable budget. The existing contents of the home are considered and used creatively. Extra items are sourced where necessary to ensure that quality but practically priced goods are acquired. Attention is given to colour harmony, lighting, fabrics, furnishings, layout, decoration and de-cluttering to create the required ambience and effect.   


Tailored to budget 

Suggestions are tailored to your budget. Furniture and supplies are sourced in price ranges as appropriate. However the Home Styling fees paid are for work carried out, time spent in sourcing and deciding a well balanced scheme. Other Interior Design fees may seem lower but the Designer usually makes margins by supplying goods at retail prices and buying them at trade prices. In home styling we usually advise on sources and allow the client to make the purchases at best price. Where a trade discount can be gained we pass this on to you.


Home Styling Report 

Room scheme design or a Home redesign report can be produced.


Details may include some or all of the following: 

Full recommendations for room styling and redesign. Action points, costings, scale floor plans, perspective drawings, contacts list for possible services, contractors and suppliers of suitable accessories and goods. 


Format of report

An online interactive Action plan with suppliers and goods detailed.

A hard copy Action Plan can also be supplied. 


Fees for Home Styling 


Consultation for one room styling

 Consultation Fee £195 per room 

* A Consultation for one room styling advice in your home.

* Style, colour scheme, colourway, lighting, furniture types, decor, window treatments, theme and layout are discussed in the comfort of your home to advise and support you in choosing a design scheme that will suit your tastes and property.

* Discuss any ideas you already have and leaf through interior magazines with my advice provided.

*  Recommendations for trades and contractors.

 * To discuss additional rooms please enquire regarding costs. 


After the initial Consultation a full styling scheme can be developed:

Fee on application.

*  Full assessment of your preferences and requirements.

*  Full recommended design scheme including furniture, colour schemes, decor,  window treatments/curtains/blinds, lighting, flooring, art work.

*  Scale floor plan, perspective drawings. Pencil drawings.

*  Costings outlined for goods, fabrics and furnishings.

*  A design scheme report is then supplied with all sources. 


The Client can proceed with works themselves or retain my further involvement with trade purchases, trade liaison or project management.  Fees by arrangement.   


2 Room Redesign 

Have your Master bedroom or Lounge redesigned

Fees on application 


*   If you feel your home has all the essentials  but lacks that special something then this redesign option could be just what you need. 


*   If you are happy with decoration and window treatments this advice and support on home makeover using your existing furniture, the best of your accessories with additional accessories suggested may be just what you need to create more style and wow factor in your home.


*   At an initial consultation appointment I will consider 2 rooms of your choice and identify the best changes to add more style in a coordinated design to add appeal. 


*   Make the most of what you already have and define the space.  


* Change of room layout considered - scale floor plans drawn for best use of the space.


*   Accessory items suggested for purchase.


*   Costed to your budget and hands on final accessorising support.

Please note: this option does not include decoration or 3D or elevation drawings.


Purchasing and shopping services

Yes - do you not know where to go - or does it take ages to find what you have in mind?  I can source your furniture,  art work or accessories in a fraction of the time. From one piece of furniture to a full home. 

Fees on application


Additional floor plans, perspective drawings, scheme boards.  

Full quotation on application


Further options: Accessorising, Soft furnishings, Kerb appeal, De-clutter, contract cleaning services recommended, Gardening services, Repairs arranged, Project Management, Contractor liaison.


Email your initial enquiry regarding the Home Staging Advice online report  




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