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Show homes, Property Presentation, Home Staging, Declutter, house doctoring and Home Styling Services in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. Online Reports are available for a non-visit Service option.  We are pleased to offer customers a professional service and sign up to the professional code of practice as a Member of The Home Staging Network.

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What is Home Staging?

  • Sometimes referred to as House doctoring or property dressing; home staging is preparing a property for sale in such a way that it gives the viewer the best possible impression of that property.  

  • Small changes can make a huge difference to the response of viewers but all options are considered in making the property saleable and achieve the asking price. 

  • From decluttering and a commercial clean to change of layout and accessorising or changing coloured bathroom suites we will advise according to your budget and property needs.

  • Property presentation enhances the property's good points and diminishes any less appealing points.

  • Making the property look as large, light and stylish as possible within a budget helps each property achieve the best selling price possible.

  • It takes into account the value of the property, the likely selling price, location, local properties and the market/buyer requirements.

  • Property presentation achieves the best selling price for the property and makes sure that the property remains on the market for as short a time as possible.

Why do I need to do anything before selling?

  • Every house or property can benefit from extra attention before sale to achieve the best asking price and the quickest sale. 

  • Key changes will 'stage' the property to maximum effect.

  • The viewer is looking for a lifestyle and value in the space they perceive to be available.  

  • Buyer appeal is achieved within your budget.

A viewer makes a decision to buy or not in the first few minutes.

First impressions count - let us help you to make the right choices

You only get one chance to make the first impression count.  Small differences in presentation can make a big difference in the size that the rooms look and how he viewer feels that this could be home to them in the first few minutes.  

The buyer needs those psychological messages in order to feel that this is the house for them. Buyers do not want to feel there is much work to be done to make this their home.  Most buyers do not have the imagination required and staging property is about making the changes which will help the buyer feel that this house is for them.

If the property is already on the market with an Estate Agent

  • We can usually suggest changes that will have maximum effect quickly. 

  • Maximum effect - quick changes - no decoration necessary. We clean, depersonalise and accessorise to maximum effect.

  • We will liaise with your Estate Agent if required.



Initial Consultation  

An initial consultation with a walk through of the property. Immediate advice is offered on how to present your property for best effect. I will discuss the best value options to improve the sales potential and the selling price of your home.  A written summary and quotation for any further costs will be provided.

Fee £175.00.


Action Plan Home Staging and Marketing Report 

After the initial consultation an Action plan report can be produced with full sourced suggestions for accessories, goods and recommended contractors. Advice on best options for online marketing and assessment of estate agent marketing activities can be included.

Fee from £190.00. (dependant upon the size of the property and requirements)


Additional services

1)  Full or partial project management, trades liaison and support with all Action plan report requirements.  I can attend your property while you may be at work to check on trades progress and work underway once or twice or offer full timetabling and liaison with trades as required to keep the project on track.

2)  Support with sourcing suppliers, trades and accessories.

3)  Personal shopping service.

4)  Final accessorizing and finishing touches to ensure buyer appeal.

5)  Support with organizing declutter, storage and sale of items.

Fees on application  

Home Staging photo consultation and report


It is possible to request a non visit report.  If you can send in photographs of the property. If the property is already on the market then you may also want to let me have a link to the Estate Agent web site where your property is listed.  


I will provide advice by email (and telephone if necessary).


I will give full suggestions for improving the whole house, frontage and gardens to sell at the best price fast.  Suggestions will include colours and examples of accessories.


Fee on application depending upon size of property


Email your initial enquiry regarding the Home Staging Advice online report   




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