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Home staging, Show Homes, and Interior Design Consultant. Yorkshire, Leeds, Harrogate, Ilkley, Wetherby and beyond.


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Show homes, Property Presentation, Home Staging, Declutter, house doctoring and Home Styling Services in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. Online Reports are available for a non-visit Service option.  We are pleased to offer customers a professional service and sign up to the professional code of practice as a Member of The Home Staging Network.

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Decluttering and organising Services

Precious personal possessions build up over time.  We can help to take the stress out of reclaiming that space and find the calm haven  beneath the possessions, whether to improve your living space to stay or to sell.


Clutter builds up over time.



Declutter to sell your home faster at maxiuim price..



Presentation is everything.... 



Clear surfaces and present the 

best of your possessions...



Storing or moving on unnecessary possessions can dramatically affect the appeal of your home - to sell or to stay.


Instead of this ....


sell your home faster and at the best price with our expert help to declutter to sell!


Sell faster and at maximum price with help from our personalised Declutter and Staging  support service.  


Ring 0333 800 8002 

to arrange an appointment.


or see 


Request a clutter online no visit report


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At Anita Design we provide a neat solution to clutter that will not affect your lifestyle choices.  


We offer individually tailored decluttering and organising services which provide support for you to achieve your goal, whether staying in harmony or selling a home more profitable and moving less stressful.  


Selling your home


We will allow the viewer to see the property at its best and help you to make vital preparation to move. Donít take that clutter with you! 


When selling property you need to allow the viewers to see the potential in your house and imagine it as their own. This does not mean creating a totally blank canvas.  


The core of presenting property to sell is decluttering and depersonalising but we need to ensure style and lifestyle is presented to the viewer. So we will advise on what is best to leave on display or what should be temporarily stored. We support you in making the best decisions as what to part with because you are unlikely to need it in the next property and how to display those treasured possessions.


The process will help you sell your home for the best price and is vital preparation in getting ready to move.  


Imagine packing all your current possessions to move? Imagine where you will put them in the next house?  As a professional declutter and home stager I can help you to make wise choices in what should stay and what should go.


We can recommend and can help organise temporary storage solutions and furniture selling options.


We can help you to steer an important line between the sentimental, the practical and buyer appeal required to sell faster at maximum price.



2   Declutter home or office space


We offer sensitive and client led solutions to have the living or working environment you desire with style and organisation but without the chaos.


Whether staying or selling at Anita Design we offer individually tailored decluttering and organising services which provide the right amount of support to achieve your goals.  


When we live in a home or work in an office the practical needs of the day are met. Sometimes it take an expert with an objective viewpoint to help you evaluate and make wise choices to reach the correct decisions in how to declutter and organise your treasured possessions to reach the harmony that can make life a pleasure rather than a chore.


Do you relax when you return home after a hard day at work? We can help you to declutter and organise so that our practical needs of lifestyle and family are met but you have the home that you wished for.




Initial consultation £175.00 for general advice and discussions with a report.


£250.00 1 full day declutter support.


Please contact Anita to arrange an appointment or for further discussion of your requirements.



Anita-Design is a Member of The Association of professional Declutterers and organisers




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