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Breathe Home Therapy



'Decluttering, Organising and Home Staging in Bristol'

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About us


Breathe Home Therapy


Services provided: Decluttering, Organising and Home Staging


Locations covered:


Bristol, Bath, Chepstow, Cardiff, South Gloucestershire, Somerset, Monmouthshire


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'I provide 1 to 1 support and practical solutions to tackle homes that are drowning in clutter. I can help you reduce the amount of stuff in your home to create a beautiful, ordered space that you will ENJOY spending time in. And if you're trying to sell your home it's all about increasing that price-tag!
I believe passionately in the connection between our surroundings and our mental well-being. When we start to feel out of control, it is often reflected in our homes. And when we begin to create a calm, ordered space, we feel better. It's as simple as that.
​Be it bereavement, ill health, struggling to juggle work-life with family-life or simply having better things to do, we have all had times when sorting out the house feels like the last thing we can face. That's where I come in!
​It is my mission to give clients the support, guidance and vision to truly transform their space. I take a sensitive but systematic approach, breaking the process down into bite-sized chunks. With my help, you will get real, lasting results whilst avoiding the common pitfalls and minimising stress. I can support you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your goals.
Please get in touch to find out more'.
​Sam x


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Breathe Home Therapy Furmiture Rental
   Breathe Home Therapy Home Staging and Styling Services
Breathe Home Therapy After Home Staging
After Home Staging project for a bedroom.
See image below for how this room looked prior to the Home Staging.
Breathe Home Therapy Before Home Staging
Breathe Home Staging project - before the work was carried out to turn this room into a guest bedroom.



"I had a very cluttered and disorganised corner of my hallway which Sam transformed into an organised and eye-catching space. Her attention to detail and standard of work is exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work."

Fran, Bristol.


"Sam helped me to clear and organise my very cluttered home. She was patient and understanding and at no time did I feel judged or pressured but the results were transformational! Thank you Sam!"

Susan, Chepstow.


"I didn't believe I could do it but I have been able to transform my home from a stressful mountain of stuff to an orderly, peaceful home. Now I look forward to coming home. The sessions were gentle and fun, I actually began to enjoy decluttering. I highly recommend Breathe Home Therapy."

Verity, Bristol.



Breathe Home Therapy




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Locations covered for Home Staging, Organising and Declutter Bristol, Bath, Chepstow, Cardiff,

South Gloucestershire, Somerset, Monmouthshire


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