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  How to Stage a Home That's Still Occupied



Selling a home isn’t always a walk in the park. Sure, there will be those houses that practically sell themselves, but on the flipside, there will be the ones that are just trickier and require a bit more creative thinking and marketing on your part. This is where home staging really comes into play, as it can help potential buyers better envision themselves in the space, and thereby help you close the deal that much faster. But how do you go about staging a home to perfection when the current occupants are still in the house?

Here we’ll take a look at some basic tips you can follow that will allow you to go ahead with your staging play, despite the fact that the home is still occupied.



Make Use of a Storage Unit


Because you likely have your own furniture and staging props that you like to use in homes, you’re going to need to make space for these items. The perfect solution is to move out the current furniture and place everything into self-storage.


Companies such as Burton selfstorage company offer a variety of storage unit sizes, allowing you to move out as much of the current occupant’s “stuff” as necessary. Homeowners will appreciate the fact that they didn’t have to actually get rid of anything permanently, and that all their items are kept safe and secure. Also, their home will look professionally designed and ready to appeal to potential buyers. The unit can be booked online quickly and with ease, so you can then move forward with decorating and staging.

Home Staging Lounge Tips

Have Homeowners Remove All Personal Items


Personal items should also be removed, taken down, and put away for the time being. This includes things like family photos, keepsakes that clearly have that personal touch, collections, and so forth. All of these items can be distracting as potential buyers walk through the home, and can actually hinder their ability to envision themselves in the space.


Home Staging Lounge Tips


Don’t Over-Stuff Cupboards and Closets


You’ll also want to stress to the occupants not to over-stuff the storage spaces like cupboards and closets in the home. If they are over-stuffed, it gives the illusion of a lack of space, which isn’t the message you want to portray to buyers and is usually a red flag.

Stress the Importance of Keeping Things Just So

Finally, you want to stress to the occupants just how important it is to keep things "just so" in the home. When you're living your everyday life, mess can happen, but homeowners need to be sure they clean up as they go and not leave a trail of disarray behind them. You never know when a potential buyer may want to schedule a viewing, so the house has to look perfect at all times.

Sell the Home Faster and Increase Value


Home staging is a great way to sell a house faster and get top dollar, so this message needs to be clearly communicated to occupants, so they understand how important it is to cooperate and stick with the staging plan.


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