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 Home Staging to sell property Tips


Home Staging to sell is property investment at its most cost effective. 


Home staging is appropriate pre-sale property presentation (or House Doctor/doctoring) where techniques are used to present the property at its most desirable to the potential buyer whilst keeping costs to a minimum


Maximising the profitability of the property which you own makes wise financial and economic sense but may be overlooked by some homeowners, who at the point of choosing to move, want to start to market their home as quickly as possible and may overlook some basic and essential preparation.


A Home Staging Professional can help to present the home setting the scene for the potential buyers so that the vendor can sell more quickly.  Staging is impersonal, usually requiring a trained and objective eye to help the seller see past the lived in memories and refresh the home so that a potential buyer feels that they could be at home and begin to imagine themselves living there.  A Home Staging Consultant can help the seller to avoid making time consuming and expensive mistakes, help them with expert advice or a range of services including supplying accessories, recommending trades people and quick one day staging options.


Buyers are impressed by style, possessions and some qualities of a home which will leave with the owner.

They are put off by negative factors such as clutter, untidiness and poor presentation which will also leave with the owner.  Buyers are looking to buy a lifestyle not just bricks and mortar and it is possible to provide the right image and greatly increase the chances of a quick sale.  New build homes would not sell off plan so easily if the show homes were not there to offer the image to the potential buyer of the home that they could have.  A private home seller also needs to assume that the buyer does not have the ability to imagine a stylish home unless they see it with their own eyes.


The overall impression will stay with the viewer after they have left the house and the property has to provide enough appeal and some wow factor whilst giving definition to each living area so that the viewer wants to put in an offer to buy.  Most changes to impress a potential buyer and achieve the sale can be made at a reasonable cost, especially when compared to the likely extra profit on the sale or having to drop the price in order to sell.  Costs in staging and presenting a property should be relative to the price of the property, possible extra profit to be made, its potential market and location.  


Some homes may only need the price of a pot of paint plus de-cluttering, spring cleaning with relocation and careful placing of effective accessories, fresh flowers and change of layout for maximum appeal.  Other properties may benefit by minor upgrades of carpeting or flooring and decorating to a number of strategic rooms such as the kitchen, lounge and master bedroom.  If the property has significant negative features such as a small garden with a large family house then more added value and improved desirability needs to be added in other ways such as creating a cosy, well designed and pleasant seating and entertaining area as a feature in the garden. Furniture rental options may also be a possibility and can be supplied or recommended by your Home Staging Consultant.




The first rule of home staging is to know the market for the property  Is it singles, families, retired, executive etc. and do not to spend large sums on items or changes that may not be appropriate to their needs or tastes.  Get this right and you are streets ahead. 




The second rule of home staging is to create style with the careful choice of existing furniture and effects and adding essential accessories or other stylish furniture items.  Less is usually more in this instance and possessions will need to be thinned out appropriately ready to move.  Mirrors and stylish reasonably priced art work are often effective items to buy as they add a sense of space, dimension and style.  Anything bought for this house which will be useful in the next is an ideal investment; buy the new leather sofa now and treat the kids to more grown up sophisticated bed linen.  Get rid of the posters and slatted shelving and replace with framed art work and neat storage units.  Maximise the Master bedroom appeal with throws, plump pillows and fresh bed linen. Get the kitchen clean and bright with a few fabulous accessories and as few practical kitchen gadgets as possible.  Bathrooms need white brand new towels and mats - put them out just at viewings if necessary.   Use neutral backdrops colours to maximise space and add fabulous highlight colours with restraint to add wow factor and create definition. The buyer will want to aspire to your lifestyle!  



The key factors in home staging to sell: 



All need taking care of.  None should remain undone to deter the buyer.  

Kerb appeal   

First impressions are vital to a sale and kerb appeal is essential to achieve.  Small costs and effort can be invested for a large potential gain here.  It is the area to give the highest priority.

Cleanliness and fresh smells  

Absolute deep cleaning is essential and fresh smells to permeate the air.  Natural smells and fresh air are by far the best option.  Particularly in Kitchens and bathrooms; white towels and hotel type cleanliness is key.

Clear clutter  

Clear and clear again until surfaces and cupboards hold only strict essentials.  Remove anything that doesn't improve the look.  Considering packing possessions to move or visualising storing them in the new home often helps in decisiveness about essential items worth keeping.


Don't be afraid of spaces.  Don't line every wall, spaces are necessary for the scheme, the individual pieces and well balanced groups of items must have definition.  The buyer is buying space and wants to see that the property is spacious enough for the capital invested in it.

Define the space  

Each room must declare a purpose for living in

Accessorise with style and restraint  

Classically eclectic is the British favourite style; used with restraint will appeal to the majority of viewers and turn them into buyers. 

Use colour wisely  

Colour can warm, relax, add interest, unite, open up a space and sell the house. Understated, neutral colour schemes will provide a neutral backdrop.  Provide the colour and texture in accent colour accessories. Re-decoration is not always necessary but can have a significant impact in freshening up the rooms.

Costing  upgrades

Costing of changes to the structure of the house relative to the value and ceiling price of the of the house is essential. 


Effective lighting can bring warmth and an effectively relaxing atmosphere.  Be aware of colour changes under different lighting options to give best advice to clients.


Don't underestimate the effect of nature on the majority of us.  A healthy looking green plant in an attractive pot will enliven the room.


Don't market an empty house.  

Rooms look soulless and lack vision and appeal.  Furniture rental and accessorising can be arranged via most home staging consultants. See UK furniture rental options


For further advice see your local Home Staging Consultant

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