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Home Staging FAQ'S

What is home Staging to Sell ? 

Home Staging Picture - Lounge before and afterDifferent titles can used: home Staging - property presentation - home makeovers or home Styling.  

Home staging to sell is presenting a home appropriately for the expected buying market whilst taking into account the property's ceiling market value in order to sell at the best price quickly. The home is redefined in a creative way to de-clutter, present best layout, accessorise; using colour harmony and staging techniques to create space in order to appeal to the viewer and increase the saleability.

How much will home staging cost?

Home Staging effectively should end up making you money not costing you money. Talk to your local Home Staging Consultant to see how they can achieve this for you. 

Home Staging costs and fees: Consultants may offer a free initial meeting to discuss service options or deduct the initial consultation fee from the cost of further work. If you have a Consultation and Report and can put the suggestions into action yourself costs will be considerably reduced. Cost should be in the region of £50 - £200 for a Consultation with/without report and £20 to £75 per hour for hands on staging, de-clutter, accessorising etc. 

Fee based on proportion of the increase in sale price: speak to individual Consultants about other options to pay fees based on sales value increase as a result of work carried out.

Cost of improvements, repairs and accessories:  £10 to 1-2% of the property value depending on the scale of work, existing contents and possible increase in value by undertaking the work. Some tasks take effort and not cash if you are able.  A Consultant may save you time and money by suggesting reputable trades people if required.


What is home staging or styling to Stay?

Home staging to stay is creating a stylish home for the current occupier to enjoy and stay!  Without losing the practicality that is so important in any living space staging uses all the techniques to create a pleasant living space but is tailored to the individual tastes of the homeowner whilst observing the rules that will increase the value of the property at an eventual sale. Whilst aiming to integrate existing items into the design scheme suggestions may also include items of furniture as well colour schemes, lighting, fabrics, accessories, layout and decoration.  

Interior Decorator or Interior Designer – What’s the difference?

Both an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator have trained in offering Interior Design schemes and can advise on furniture, fabrics & furnishings, colour schemes etc. An Interior Designer however has also trained in structural issues. Many Designers now offer a rage of services including Home Staging. 

I have heard that improvements can increase the value.  What should I do?

An Estate Agent may want to leave your home with you signed up to them to market your property. If they made any attempt to suggest you start to make changes in your home then they either chance hurting your feelings or losing your business if you take any time to make the changes and then go to another Agent! It's all about business.

Later on the Estate Agent may suggest you drop the price to sell faster.  Don't do it - see a Home Staging Service first!

Which home improvements will increase the value of my home?

Some improvements will increase the value of the property whilst other changes can be time consuming and costly without making much of a difference to the price a buyer is willing to pay.  Other, less costly changes may clinch a more lucrative sale and more quickly. Every house will be different. This is where the advice of an impartial and experienced Home Staging Consultant is vital so that you make the right decisions and spend wisely.

Why don't viewers have some imagination?

This is the age old question.  But people are affected by their emotional responses and buy a house with their heart and not their head. The 'house felt so right' or 'so wrong' is often a reason for buying.  If this was not the case buyers could make a decision based on floor plans and photographs in an Agent's office. A Home Staged for the buyer make all the difference to a sale.

All houses sell eventually.  Why should I have my home staged?

Yes, this is true; but it depends how long you are willing to wait. If the house of your dreams comes up whilst you are 'waiting' for a buyer you may loose it.  Also a property's marketing potential will go stale if seen for too long by viewers as available for sale.  It will be ripe for picking off at a lower price if the owner needs to sell.

My Estate Agent has said "reduce the  asking price" Isn't this the best idea?

Reducing the price is not the only option. If a property is not selling it may be that either the price was too high to start with; the buyers or not interested at that value. 

However, many houses - you will see them advertised in agents windows as 'reduced for quick sale' - still do not sell quickly as the vendors may feel the house was overpriced to start with and will wonder why the price has had to fall. They may perceive you are in a weak selling position and offer even less.

If you haven't had viewers interested in buying putting in a lower offer why will it make a difference to reduce the price now?  The presentation or individual elements of the property are putting them off.  

Advice form a home staging professional will always be much more effective in achieving a sale than reducing the price  and could save you thousands of pounds in otherwise lost equity. 

Does it make a difference if my house is on the market before I have my home Staged?

No; it is better if possible to prepare your house for sale before marketing it but  a home Staging Consultant will work with you to achieve changes and updating Sales particulars as necessary.

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