5 Tips to Help You Impress Malaysian Property Buyers with Staging

The Malaysian real estate market is a buyer's one and more buyers from overseas and the Asia-Pacific area are flocking to snag some of the gems that can be found around the country. With this level of competition, sellers have to be imaginative to make their lots shine. This is where staging can help. Staging can not only help make your home more attractive, but significantly increase your property's value. However, if you want to get a return on your money, it has to be done strategically. Here's how you can use staging to impress Malaysian property buyers.
Malaysian Styled Room

Look at Current Listings

If you're going to be staging the property on your own, we suggest you look online for ideas. Don't make the mistake of visiting a site like Pinterest, however. This is because you will get design-oriented images, and staging is about more than simply making a space look good. It's about understanding buying trends in whatever market you're in, as well as buyer psychology.These are concepts that can be hard to grasp on your own, but there are plenty of resources that you can use. A property directory would be a great place to start. These allow you to check out listings from your area and look at lots that are similar to yours. You'll then start to see recurring elements that you can use for inspiration.

If you're in Penang, for instance, you can search perumahan Penang on a site like Property Guru. They have a wide list of properties in the region and it's constantly being updated. You can search for properties that are exactly like what you're looking for in seconds and find details on things like the number of rooms, location, or square footage. This is especially great if you're a foreign investor. It will give you a better idea of what the stylistic trends are in the area you were intending on selling in, and it'll help make sure you don't base your idea on what buyers like back home.

Create a Blank Canvas

Like we said earlier, the goal of home staging is not simply to make the space look good. You want people to feel like they can change it into a personalized space. While you want the space to have some charm and style, it should have no elements that suggest that the home belongs to you and not for them.The first thing you have to do is remove all personal photos you may have around the house. Remove framed pictures from walls and any other surfaces. Remove clothes and personal items. Go to the bathroom, and clear the counter of toothbrushes and grooming products. Remove any notes or magnets from the fridge. All of these things could remind buyers that it's your home and might put some of them off.

Spend Your Money and Effort Wisely

One thing you have to do is make sure that you spend more time on the rooms that matter. Staging will only give you a return if you can keep your costs under the profits you stand to make, so put more money into the rooms people put more value on.The master bedroom, kitchen, and living room are the three areas that are the most likely to sway a buyer's decision. You don't need to concentrate as much on children's rooms, guest rooms, or bathrooms, though you want them to be as clean and fresh as possible.

Get to Scrubbing

Clean like you have never cleaned before
You also have to be prepared to clean like you have never cleaned before. If you think a spring clean is a major effort, you haven't seen anything yet. You will not only have to make sure that every surface is clean, but you need to look at things like ceilings and walls as well. A clean home will give the impression that the owner takes good care of the property, and this will score points with any buyer, so pay special attention to this part.

Focus on Freshness

People are very sensitive to scents, and when you understand this, you can use a few little tricks to make your home feel more attractive without moving a single piece of furniture.Cleaning will allow you to get rid of offensive smells. You need to make sure that you remove any garbage from garbage bins and consider adding scented plug-ins in a few rooms. Make sure to put them on a low setting, however. You don't want the smell to be overwhelming.

Plants, when used properly, can also bring a sense of freshness to a house or room. Having a fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table and a few carefully places succulents around the house will make the house feel fresh and inviting.

These are all tips that will make sure that you get the most of your home staging. You could get better offers and be able to get rid of the property much faster, so it's definitely worth it.

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