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   5 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast


If you are planning to sell your house, you may want it to sell as soon as possible. And of course, for the highest value possible. Now, not everyone can hire a Home Stager but the aim of staging your home is to make it look appealing and to make house hunters want to buy it. Here are some tips that will help you to get your home ready to sell!



1. The first impression always matters

Think about when you walk into a hotel with a beautiful lobby Ė youíre impressed and awestruck even before you get to your room. Using the same logic, you need to make the first impression count. If your home has a curb, spruce up the curb to add to the appeal by ensuring the windows are spotless, the front is well painted and the walkway is clear. If there is a patio, make sure that looks great with modern furniture. If you have a garden in front, make sure the grass looks green, itís well mowed and the flowers are in bloom. Before actually going to a house, prospective home buyers usually drive-by to check out the place first. This is a great way to make sure your house makes a great first impression.


There are several things you can try in order to remedy this struggle. Depending on the extent of the problem, and the details of your particular challenge, external rendering, a well-manicured garden with attractive foliage, and a re-planned entrance are all steps that could help to get viewers over the threshold.

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2.  Make best use of any wasted space


Buyers want to make the most of their money, and no home buyer will want to pay for wasted space. Weíre talking about the space under the staircase or empty nooks and corners. You can turn these empty spaces into something attractive or useful by hanging plant potters, installing a shelf with pretty items or reading corner with occasional chair. Clean up the area under the stairs and convert it into storage space with in-built shelves Ė you get the idea. But make sure you donít clutter. If you decide to get rid of every empty space, then the house is going to look over cluttered and not appealing. Balance is key here.


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3. Clean and crisp over clutter


A messy house is never a good thing, especially when prospective buyers are coming to have a look. Donít have so many throw pillows that you can hardly see the bed, a dining room covered with small items, an unkempt kitchen or messy bathrooms full of products. In fact, you could even remove bean bag chairs or small items on floors such as large candles to make the house look bigger. Locating well to make the house look spacious and well planned is what professional home stagers do Ė itís the first thing on their guide to selling a house! Make sure the bathrooms are clean with fresh towels, there is no smell of dustbins that should have been emptied or the curtains and sofas donít have stains. If they do put a throw over them! Overall the place should look clean and tidy with any chrome polished to perfection.

4.    Have a sophisticated and neutral decor

The thing about style is that everyone has their own personal taste and preferences. If a prospective buyer who likes shades of cream and white walks into your house which is adorned with lime green and hot pink pillows, it wonít make a great first impression. So, try to keep the colour palette safe and neutral. Stick to colours like white, grey, beige and cream for large areas. Add touches of highlight colour in smaller areas and patterns and show your sense of style with the attractive decor, but try to keep it simple.

5. The lighting always matters


When the buyers walk in, they should feel happy and welcome. The best way to achieve these emotions is through perfect lighting Ė the more light, the better. If you have large windows, open the curtains wide to let the natural light come in. If you do not get too much natural lighting, you can add more lamps to your house Ė floor lamps and table lamps are the cheapest way to increase lighting. You can even add fairy lights under the kitchen counter or in the fireplace to add to the aesthetic. Buy bulbs which have a higher voltage for all your light fixtures to ensure that the house looks bright and warm. You should try to have ambient lighting such as overhead lighting and accent lighting such as table and wall lighting. If in doubt call in the professionals, just check our Directory of Home Stagers for your most local expert.


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